Mission & Vision


Vision Statement

eLearning inspires community engagement and inclusive learning environments through the use of emerging technologies.

Mission Statement

Our dynamic team serves the college community by providing training, research, and flexible support services. Through creative problem solving, collaboration, and reflection we provide an environment for growth in teaching and learning in an effort to best support our students, faculty and staff.  

North’s eLearning Support Center provides support and information to distance learners as well as on-campus students in hybrid and web-enhanced classes. Academic divisions offer many credit courses and curricula through several non-traditional delivery modes, including fully online and hybrid learning. 

These delivery modes bring new learning options and opportunities to students who have diverse learning styles, those who require flexibility in their schedules, and those who do not live within commuting distance. Students can earn an A.A. degree and/or receive specific certificates through fully online courses.

North Seattle College (NSC) proudly offers both credit and non-credit elearning courses that require few (if any) on-campus visits. Online courses use computer technologies that translate traditional classroom instruction into learning in new and innovative ways. Classes are designed to provide close interaction with instructors when and where it best serves student needs.

eLearning classes utilize technology and cover the same material as on-campus classes. Most of North Seattle eLearning courses start at the beginning of the quarter and end at the same time as on-campus courses. Credits earned through online courses are transferable and appear on transcripts just like any other class.

Why learn at North Seattle College?

We offer over 200 different fully online and hybrid elearning courses. You can complete your A.A. degree through convenient online classes. Each elearning class is designed by the instructor who is teaching it, and the "virtual classroom" closely blends with each instructor's own teaching style.

NeLSC Web Site Disclaimer

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