Lecture Videos (Panopto) in Canvas

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Lecture Videos (Panopto) in Canvas

Watching Panopto Videos on Canvas

The most common video lectures used on Canvas are Panopto Videos. Students can access recordings several ways. They can be found in the course navigation under Panopto Recordings (if available), contained in Canvas Modules, embedded in Canvas Pages, or made available using links. Check with your instructor to see if they are using Panopto and where the recordings are located. In most cases, Panopto is click-and-play just like YouTube.

As the student, it is your responsibility to make sure your equipment meets the minimum requirements to launch the videos. Learn about viewing requirements. If your hardware is older and does not work, we have provided computer labs for you at the library and open computer lab.

Note: if using the labs or library to watch videos bring your headset.

Here are some helpful tips for viewing Panopto videos

Learn About the Features of the Video Viewer

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How to Take Notes on Panopto videos

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How to Use Ratings

How to Create and Access Bookmarks

Can students watch Panopto videos on mobile?

Yes, students and instructors can view recordings on mobile devices. Use the Canvas mobile app. Using the Canvas app or view them in a browser. View in browser offers varied scalability for recordings depending on the locations (navigation tab or embedded). For a better mobile experience, download the Panopto app from your app store for iOS or Google Play for your Android devices.

Panopto on iOS

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Panopto on Android

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