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About Virtual College

How the Virtual College Began

North Seattle's Virtual College is an outgrowth of a concept originally developed and implemented by the "Virtual Running Start Design Team" in 1996. NSC's president (Constance Rice), dean of Continuing Education (Katherine Riley), and former distance learning manager (Parker Lindner) led the effort to provide high school students the chance to conveniently incorporate college classes into their education. This project was sponsored by the US West Foundation. Student enrollment in Virtual College classes has continued to grow every year for the past 20 years. North Seattle elearning is a convenient and "green" way to get an education that will fit into your schedule and commitments.

Tom Braziunas, the former associate dean of eLearning, now retired, directed the program nearly from its beginning. He was a steadfast avocate of Ddstance learning, now elearning, and was  instrumental in the continued growth of the program. 

North Seattle College's elearning started with a handful of courses and now NeLSC offers support for over 200 fully online and hybrid courses. In addition to eLlearning, NeLSC supports on-campus classes using technology.

Please stop by our office LB2237 (one door south of the Library entrance)

Our elearning staff will be happy to assist:
* Kathleen Chambers: Instructional Designer/Quality Matter
       Institutional Representative/eLearning Manager
* Terre O'Malley: Canvas Administrator/eLearning 
      Support Specialist
* Reinhart Earhart: eLearning Classroom Technologist
* Ellen Hsu: Program Coordinator


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