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Courseware Support

NeLSC provides support for Canvas: This includes managing student accounts, troubleshooting technical problems and orientation help to students new to the courseware. 

The following links give information to specific questions that you may have regarding use of technology and your eLearning course.

If your course uses a different learning system such as Moodle, a publisher web site or CD/textbook web site NeLSC can provide some general technical help but a student's best resource is their instructor or contacting the help desk of the system.

Please note:

  • For any courseware used there may be technical issues that could impact your ability to login and use the software correctly. At the present time most of the North Seattle online learning technology is web-based. This means that to access your virtual classroom you will need to use the information provided on the Registered Students listing. 
  • You are provided a URL address and login information to enter your courseware.  It is important to note that if you are on a network with strong security you may not be able to access your courseware and you will need to use a computer not associated with an intranet.
  • When using your personal computer and experiencing access problems, you may have to adjust your personal firewall settings or virus protection to allow you access. If adjusting your personal settings does not help, you may also need to contact your Internet provider to determine if they can set a switch to allow you access. Please refer to your software help menu for more information. 
  • You can also contact the elearning office for general information, as each personal computer is configured differently depending on the needs of the user.  

Other systems:

NeLSC does not have access or login information for these systems. Generally at the beginning of the quarter your instructor will either e-mail you or provide this information on their web site. 

Some publishers sites will include the login information with your textbook. In this case it is important to purchase a new textbook with the access card or to purchase the access card separately.

North Seattle elearning courses require active participation and students need to log into their classes by the second day of the quarter to avoid getting behind or being dropped from the course. Please contact your instructor or our elearning office if you experience difficulty in logging in.  

For courses using technologies like Moodle or publisher websites to supplement your course, you will need to go to class the first day of the quarter. Your instructor will supply you with the required URLs and any login information required. 

Class web site: Your instructor will give you any required website or login information.

How to Start Class:

  • Online Students:  Locate your class on the Registered Students list for the current quarter; use the links there to e-mail your instructor for more information or login to the courseware listed.
  • Hybrid Students: A hybrid course requires regular campus visits with the rest of class conducted online. To start class, attend class your first on campus class - the days, times and room are listed in the North Seattle online schedule. Click on "Classes" link underneath the search bar. 
  • On Campus Students: Attend class on campus - the days, times and room are listed in the North Seattle online schedule. Click on "Classes" link underneath the search bar.

Other Instructional Materials:
For classes that deliver course materials via a web browser, we suggest that you download the latest free version of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.  If you have loaded a special software tool bar such as the Google or Yahoo toolbar, this may interfere with your course access and cause it to not work properly. Please go to our tech support on Popups and Tool Bars for more information.

(NeLSC office hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Voice mail or e-mail messages sent after office hours will be answered the next business day)


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