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Thanks for visiting North's eLearning Support Center at North Seattle College. NeLSC is located in LB 2237 (one door south of Library main doors)

We look forward to offering you a variety of options to enhance your education.  We can provide help to insure that you have a successful experience taking an Online, Hybrid or Web Enhanced on campus class.

Please go to:North Seattle Online Student Resources for more information about the resources that our office can provide and if you have general questions about eLearning at North Seattle College.

 NeLSC (North's eLearning Support Center) will help you to succeed!

eLearning is not for everyone. The classes are not easier than traditional on campus classes. Often they require additional self-motivation and discipline. However, we will provide you with guidance through the eLearning aspects of your experience. For technical help or an orientation to an unfamiliar aspect of your courseware, contact NeLSC Office by email at or call us by phone at (206) 934-3738.

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