Starting Your eLearning Class

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Starting Your eLearning Class

Welcome to online learning!

Most fully online, hybrid and campus classes use Canvas, our Learning Management System or a publishers website. eLearning courses require active participation and if you are taking an online or hybrid course, login to your courses on the first day of the quarter. This alerts the instructor that you are participating and ready to learn. This will avoid the possibility of getting behind or being dropped from the course. 

Never assume you are automatically dropped from your courses. If you do not want to take a class you have registered for, please go to online registration and officially drop. This will insure that there will be no impact on your grades or financial aid.

Definitions of eLearning Classes:

Fully online classes do not require campus visits and utilize Canvas to deliver instruction. There are assignments with due dates, exams and collaborative work that happens online. It is important to log into the course the first day of the quarter. Read the syllabus to familiarize yourself with the expectations, due dates and structure of your online course.

A few online courses may require exams taken on campus or proctored elsewhere with pre-approval. If there are any meetings on campus, the campus meetings will be listed in the course description.

North Seattle offers a hybrid course format, which combines on-campus and online coursework, to help you earn your Associate of Art, Associate of Science or Associate of Business degree with a schedule that meets your needs. 

How Hybrid Courses Work

  • Hybrid courses take advantage of the best features of face to face and online instruction.
  • Class meets on–campus for a few hours every week throughout the quarter. For example, a Saturday hybrid meets for 2–3 hours each week.
  • Online coursework gives you more schedule flexibility during the week.
  • Hybrid courses replace some physical seat time with substantive interaction online. 
  • Registration for hybrid courses is the same as other classes.
  • These courses will be designated on the class schedule with sections H (hybrid)

Benefits of Hybrid Courses

  • Designed for busy students, hybrid courses are flexible and accommodating for work–life demands.
  • Whether you want to register for one course or enroll full–time through hybrid courses, these courses are open and accessible every quarter to all students.
  • Hybrid courses make it easier for you to earn a degree by offering options in both required courses and electives.
  • Choose from a variety of topics, including English, Biology, Humanities, Computer Science, Math and more, all of which can easily transfer to a four–year college or university.

Web enhanced courses are taught entirely on campus. The instructor may post course materials for you on Canvas such as review materials, the syllabus and grades.

Publisher’s Websites for Courses

In addition to Canvas some courses use publisher’s websites. If your class uses a publisher’s web site other than Canvas, your instructor will give you any required web site or login information.

Technical Support for Publisher’s sites

The publisher’s sites are not maintained or accessible by the north eLearning department. Your best resource for technical help or log in information will be your instructor and the technical help the instructor and publisher provide. Please read the syllabus and any email the instructor may send you for specific information for these courses. They will be able to assist you in gaining access to the site as well as helping you with other technical issues. 


To obtain your textbooks on line or in person:

Visit the North Seattle Bookstore for more information or visit the bookstore on campus. The campus bookstore will have eLearning texts and other materials. Please call the bookstore to confirm if your required text is in stock. Be prepared to supply them with the course item number and name for your class (ie. 9555 HUM 110). You may also be able to find your text online at one of the online book sellers. When purchasing books or instructional materials online it is important to confirm the shipping dates and to insure that you will receive your text books in a timely manner.

If your course uses an e-book, (online) the registration for the course includes the fee for the book. After you have registered and paid your fees contact your instructor for password and login information on how to access this e-book online.

 Please note: by purchase of the e-book a student is granted the rights to one and only one copy, which can be read on-line, downloaded to one computer, captured on one CD, or printed onetime. The computer labs at NSC charge a fee for copies printed on the lab printers. If you need to print please visit the library or computer labs.

Test Proctoring

If a student is unable to come to campus for an exam, the student needs to contact the instructor early in the quarter to confirm that an exam can be proctored off campus or on campus at the testing center.