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Welcome to Faculty Support for eLearning:

The eLearning staff is here to provide support for you and your students. Our assistance includes sharing the latest research in pedagogy, workshops on teaching and learning, leveraging educational technology and Canvas for the continued design and delivery of quality instruction in all modalities.

We offer flexible training: face to face workshops, online, and one on one training with eLearning staff. Have an idea for a training? Have a few colleagues that want the same focused training? Let us know and we will be happy to provide training that works for you.


Navigating this site:
Check out the pages in the menu for a brief introduction on the different areas we support.  For more details and information on each topic, you can visit the Canvas site by clicking on the link found on each topic page.

We will update this site so stay tuned as this site grows in the coming year. If you have a moment, please take a short survey and let us know how you like this new website and share any thoughts on what to include to help us support you.

Please contribute to the suggestion survey so we can include your suggestions!

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If you are having trouble getting Canvas login page to load, please use the alternate URL northseattle.instructure.com