Creating Accessible Content

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Creating Accessible Content

Accessibility means that students will have equal access to your course materials.


"A person with a disability must be able to obtain the information as fully, equally, and independently as a person without a disability."  
-U.S. Departments of Education and Justice

Reasonable Accommodation

"...any modification or adjustment that will enable a qualified student with a disability to participate in a course, program, facility..." 
-Penn State Office for Educational Equity

One of NSC Core Themes:

Excelling in Teaching and Learning: adapt to the needs of our rapidly changing world by changing ourselves, our curriculum, our services and our practices


Building Community means that we create a diverse, inclusive and safe environment accessible to all.

What we can do

As faculty, we can begin to create materials and offering choices to provide equal access for our students. eLearning is here to support this effort, to increase awareness and provide training in the creation of accessible course content.  Doing so is a matter of social justice and respecting the diversity and range of all our students’ abilities.

Our support

eLearning is here to support you with a  proactive approach;  taking small, easy steps in the creation of accessible documents.

The State Board for Community and Tecnical Colleges (SBCTC) is devoting time and money to support us in creating accessibilie content. Below is a link to the training site to learn how to create accessible documents.


ALLY: An accessibility tool in all Canvas courses. To learn how it works, please visit:

ALLY: A Tool for Equity

  •  Accommodations assist a particular student's needs. Students work with Disability services to receive the required and legal accommodations.  Disability Services at North Seattle College is your resource for learning more about documented student accommodations. We encourage you to take a moment and meet the staff and learn how they can help you.

How Do I Create Accessible content?

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Ready to get started? We are to support you!

Every quarter, we will have workshops on how to create accessible documents, starting with your syllabus. If you can’t make the workshop we can work with you individually or gather a few of your colleagues and we would be happy to provide training when it is convenient for you. 30 minute sessions over time will make a big difference!

Start where you are! As you create new word documents and use the built in functions of headers and styles, you will be coding your documents for anyone using assistive technology. The added benefit will be a well-designed visual document for all students.

State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) have created an Accessibility Canvas site full of resources, demonstrations and information for creating accessible documents.


If you have any questions, please contact eLearning staff: