Educational Technology Support

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Educational Technology Support

Visit our EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CANVAS SITE for more details on using educational technology.

Check out our YouTube channel where you will find instructional videos on using Canvas, Panopto, as well as other instructional tools we support at NSC.

North’s e-Learning Support Center offers tools, software and other resources to support your efforts to deliver educational instructional materials to your students. Please don’t hesitate to bring us your questions and visions.  We can delve into these resources and many others to discover answers that will assist you! 

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We support new approaches and creative endeavors.

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Educational tools

Is a tool that lets you create your lecture and other teaching materials as videos.  This tool is particularly helpful when you want to “flip” your classroom or otherwise make educational materials available to your students on demand.

Canvas Tools
Canvas audio/video feature for discussions, grading, email anywhere there is a content text editor!
Canvas Conferences: Live conference for Office Hours
Free Third Party Tools that Integrate and embed in Canvas (YouTube, Ted Talks, Quizlet, and many more!)