Strategies for Late Enrollment Students

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Strategies for Late Enrollment Students

Strategies for Late Enrollment Students

Strategies For Adjusting Your Curriculum

Be Empathetic

Be considerate and understanding of late enrollment students, considering both the pandemic circumstances but also all the major changes caused by the switch to ctcLink that may have slowed down the enrollment process for students.

Keep it Light the First Week

Design a course that starts with a lighter Week One in terms of expectations and has built in flexibility for due dates, especially for the first two weeks.

  1. Avoid major assignments being due the first two weeks.
  2. If you have a late penalty, waive that penalty for a reasonable time for students that are late enrollments.
  3. Also clearly state your commitment to flexibility in the syllabus, on Canvas, and other communications.

Update Your Syllabus

Syllabus considerations for late enrollment students

  1. In the communication section of the syllabus recommend that late enrollment students contact the instructor ASAP to check in and make sure they are not missing any key details.
  2. Supply a detailed course calendar, or use the Canvas calendar to add events, especially for the first two weeks, to allow students to clearly see what they have missed.

Create a "Start Here" Module

We recommend a start here module, which can also just be a week one module, that introduces the course, syllabus, and other key things to know about the course. 

Record Live/Synchronous Classes

If the course meets synchronously, make sure class sessions are recorded and can be shared with late enrollment students. This is also good practice for the quarter if students need to miss class.

  1. Recordings can be shared (so long as you follow FERPA guidelines) or posted within Canvas for review by students who could not attend. If recording a live session, be sure that names are not visible, and inform students in advance that the session will be recorded (so that they can choose whether to attend, stay off camera, or review the recording later).

Make Announcements Using Canvas

Make major course announcements via “Announcements” on Canvas instead of a class email only. As an announcement a late enrollment student can still see those after they start, but that is not the case for class emails.

Reach Out for Support if Needed