Before You Begin

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Before You Begin

Registering for an eLearning class is the same as registering for an on-campus class
Tuition and Fees Home page.  For up-to-date information about fees as well as residency requirements
If you have never taken an eLearning class before, you might want to start by checking out Is eLearning for You? This will help you understand what eLearning is and if it is a good choice for you.

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with the Technology
At North Seattle College, we use Canvas to deliver online, hybrid classe and to supplement campus classes. Students will need to know how to navigate Canvas. We have online orientations once the quarter begins, and you can walk into our office on campus to get support in using Canvas.
Read more about basic computer specifications for Canvas: Canvas Specifications
Read more about which browsers Canvas supports: Browsers Supported by Canvas
Visit our Canvas Support Page for more details about using Canvas. 

Step 2. Create your MySeattleCollege account and keep your registered email up to date
North has computer labs available for registered students who have created their MySeattleColleges Login account.  If your course has sound files and you use the computers on campus, you will need to supply your own headphones to allow you to listen to these files.  
Canvas will have a different login than your MySeattleColleges account. Your email will be the primary email used in Canvas to receive instructor information. It is important to set up your college email. See our Canvas support page

Step 3. Check the technical requirements of the online or hybrid class
Make sure you can meet the technical requirements for the course.

Step 4:  Prepare for your online or hybrid Class
Visit our Current Student page to learn about resources, myths about online learning, tips on how to be successful online student and online communication tips.
Visit our Canvas Support for information on using Canvas