Is eLearning for you?

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Is eLearning for you?

eLearning courses are designed for students who cannot or do not want to come to campus because of their work schedules, family needs or because they prefer the online or hybrid structure of learning. eLearning students can control their own schedules by working with the course materials at their convenience within the framework of the course syllabus. However, the courses are not self-paced; classes begin and end on the same schedule as regular campus classes. Depending on the instructor, there are also regular assignments, and exams are due on specific days. Online learning requires you to have good time management and communication skills, as well as being comfortable around technology.

We have compiled a list of some skills to have or skills you are willing to learn as well as a quick survey to determine if being an online student is for you. If you have any questions about the results of the survey or about being an online student, please visit eLearning. We will be happy to talk with you!

Is Online Learning for me?

Tips for Successful Learning
- Work Independently
- Take notes from textbooks, media and online lectures.
- Set goals and work through the process to achieve them, even when confronted with obstacles.
- Willing to seek support
- Are confident in their computer skills and in their ability to download required course software.
- Are comfortable taking both essay and objective exams.
- Create a back-up plan if technology issues cannot be resolved quickly.
- Take responsibility for their own learning and ask questions when they don’t understand
- Are willing to invest time and dedication necessary to complete their program of study.
- Possess the appropriate reading and writing skills for college level courses.
- Strong time management skills and a willingness to learn more management skills
- Do your homework in a consistent place at a consistent time prior to each class session.
- Believe that high quality education can take place outside the traditional classroom, and do not require daily one-on-one with their instructors
- Pay close attention to both course and college deadlines.
- Block out time in your weekly schedule that is dedicated to your online classes. (Recommended, two hours per day for each 5 credits you are taking)
- Create your MySeattleCollege account to access computers on campus and office 365
- Your email will be your primary email in Canvas. Any notifications about your course will go to that email. Be sure to set up your college mail as soon as possible.

For more tips and practices for successful online learning, visit How to be Successful and Netiquette, Communication online.