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Netiquette and Student Conduct

Netiquette and Privacy

Words can mean many things and what we intend to say is not always what others hear. This is especially true of "online communication" during which other students do not have the opportunity to see your "body language" and therefore have a greater possibility of misunderstanding what you truly mean.

Please, follow these guidelines in all your online responses and discussion groups.

RESPECT.We would like to suggest respectful exchanges as a basic ground rule. We feel that informational errors should be pointed out-respectfully (even if stated strongly...). Disagreements that honor the viewpoints of the various contributors are productive and can lead to new learning and understanding.

PRIVACY. Keep in mind not only your own privacy rights but others as well. Do not reveal any information that you deem private.

BE CONSIDERATE of grammatical/spelling errors.

REMEMBER that humor and satire are often misinterpreted online. Communication is more than words. So, be prepared for some misunderstanding and requests for clarification.

BE SUPPORTIVE. We are all still learning. Our job is not to judge or condemn or even praise, although genuine encouragement is a necessary ingredient. We are here to provide information, to address topics in a discussion forum, and to provide assistance in helping each participant use her/his own unique learning style. Reflection generally precedes growth. So reflect upon what is said, provide sincere comments, and hopefully, we will all grow.

One good way to avoid problems is to reread your postings before sending them. Something written in haste may be misread.

Created by Val Donato, Sandra Looper and Diane Hostetler

Student Handbook and Student Conduct Policies

North Seattle College has policies and rules for enrolled students. There is also a student handbook that has additional information (best viewed with Internet Explorer). Please see the links below for more information or contact NSC Student Handbook (best viewed in IE)

Student Handbook

Student Misconduct

Student Conduct generally:

NSC General Student Policies


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