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Students New to eLearning

Online courses at North take place within the standard quarter time frame and have specific requirements for successful completion.

These requirements can be located within your specific course pages or by contacting the instructor directly.

  • Online classes have regular assignments, proctored exams, and ample opportunity for interaction between instructor and students using software discussion tools.
  • In most cases, students are not required to be online at regularly scheduled specific times. However, some instructors may require specific time frames for group chat or online office hours as well as scheduled times for quizzes and exams. Contact the instructor for specifics.
  • North elearning courses require a student to be self-motivated, and generally it requires three hours of study and work per week per credit to complete the course successfully. This time frame is only an estimate, and a student may take more or less time per class depending on knowledge or interest.

What computer or technical skills are required for elearning?

Each North elearning instructor develops a course using the tools needed to best deliver the course information. Individual courses require students to have online skills and experience. 

You can do a web search for tutorials on using your computer for elearning. There are tutorials and videos regarding course LMS as well as basic computer skills needed to navigate and use the Internet effectively. There are many resources on the web for accessing your skills in regard to elearning. Here are a few:

If you need additional help using the North Seattle College  supported LMS, Canvas, please contact NeLSC or drop by the office during business hours. The NeLSC staff can help you with general navigation questions.  he staff is not able to help you with specific questions about assignments. A student needs to contact the instructor for these questions. 


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