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The Basics

Facts about North Seattle eLearning Courses 

North Seattle College (NSC) proudly offers both credit and non-credit e-learning courses that require few (if any) on-campus visits. Online courses use computer technologies that translate traditional classroom instruction into learning in new and innovative ways. Classes are designed to provide close interaction with instructors when and where it best serves student needs. eLearning classes, however they utilize technology, are rigorous and cover the same material as on-campus classes. 

Online courses are equivalent, in terms of credit and content, to corresponding face-to-face courses. Credits earned through an online course transfer to other programs, colleges or universities the same as face-to-face course would count toward your degree and transfer. Please contact North Advising for transfer degree program requirements and to determine a college plan to help you achieve your educational goals. 

Why Learn at North Seattle College?

We offer over 200 different fully online and hybrid eLearning courses. You can complete your A.A. degree through convenient online classes. Our eLearning students have been very successful as evidenced by the fact that North Seattle College has one of the highest student completion rates of all community colleges in Washington state. Each eLearning class is designed by the instructor who is teaching it, and the "virtual classroom" closely blends with each instructor's own teaching style.  

NSC transcripts list all classes you took as regular courses. They don't show whether or not a course was taken online. The assumption is that what you learned/what you know and are able to do as a result of learning is what matters, rather than the format in which the course was delivered to you. 

NeLSC (North's eLearning Support Center) will help you to succeed!

eLearning is not for everyone. The classes are not easier than traditional on campus classes. Often they require additional self-motivation and discipline. However, we will provide you with guidance through the eLearning aspects of your experience.

For an orientation to an unfamiliar aspect of your courseware, please contact us at (206) 934-3738 or by e-mail

NeLSC office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.: messages or e-mail left after hours will be answered the next business day.  (Summer hours are adjusted as there are no classes held on Fridays.) 

Attention Students Currently Residing Out-Of-State and Enrolling in Online Classes at North Seattle College

The college does not accept applications for registration in online courses for students currently residing in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Kansas or Utah.



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