What is canvas?

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What is canvas?

Canvas is a Web-based Learning Management System and collaboration portal that enables instructors to manage course materials, provide online instruction and to communicate with students. It works on pcs, macs, phones and tablets – anywhere you can find an Internet connection!

How Canvas supports your e-Learning experience

Our online and hybrid courses use Canvas to deliver course materials. Instructors who teach on campus will also use Canvas to supplement the face-to-face course.

  • Instructors may use some or more of the features in Canvas:
  • Post the course syllabus
  • Publish some or all of the course material
  • Send course announcements and messages
  • Set up online discussions and quizzes
  • Post and receive your assignments
  • Post Grades so you can track your progress
  • Add videos, readings and other instructional materials
  • And more….

Expectations of students

  • Log into Canvas on the first day of the quarter and explore your course
  • If you are taking a hybrid course that does not meet until later in the week, you may have assignments due before that first class meeting
  • Regularly log into class to stay current with announcements, messages, and due dates
  • Read all of the materials posted
  • Participate in online class discussions, and class and/or group activities
  • Submit your assignments and take quizzes
  • Be pro-active and ask for assistance early
  • Prepare a backup plan! Know where to go if your technology fails: Check out campus resources, your local library or a friend to get access to the internet
  • For more information visit – How to be Successful

How to log in?
Canvas Login

If you are having trouble getting Canvas login page to load, please use the alternate URL northseattle.instructure.com

Canvas is available to log in on the Monday the week before each quarter starts. For example: Fall Quarter starts on September 25th, so you can log in on Monday, September 18th.

Username = your full 9 digit ctcLink ID (EMPL ID)
Password = your ctcLink password

It’s important that you confirm your current email address in Canvas. The email you listed when you registered for classes is the email used to set up your Canvas account. You can add an additional email and/or change your default email, as well.

  • Can’t log in? Here are some tips:
  • Confirm you’re using the correct 9 digit ctcLink ID (EMPL ID) with no spaces or dashes.
  • Make sure you’re successfully registered for the class.
  • Confirm your browser is supported and up to date.
  • Verify you are at the correct Canvas URL for North Seattle College. (If you are having trouble getting Canvas login page to load, please use the alternate URL northseattle.instructure.com)
  • Registering after the first day of the quarter your account may take up to 4 hours to be activated.
  • If you are moved from a waitlist into a course, it can take up to 4 hours for your account to be activated.

Basic Canvas “How-To” for Students

Canvas has an extensive illustrated and video guides for students. There are many features you, as a student, can control. For example, you can add emails, change what notifications you want to receive and how often. We have listed a few links to the guides that are most often viewed.

  • Watch this 5 minute video that introduces Canvas for students:
  • Canvas Overview

Important Features

You also have the option to change how your name displays in Canvas when editing your profile. We recognize that you may wish to have your legal/Full Name be anonymous for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we provide you with the option to have Canvas display your preferred name.

Change only the DISPLAY NAME in Canvas. If you change your full name, it will change in the instructor’s grade book. Remember that this name is a part of your academic record and your instructor may not have your preferred name on file. Therefore, it is recommended that you notify your instructor if you will be using a preferred name so they may align it with your SID in the gradebook.

How long will I have access to my class after the quarter ends?

Your Canvas class will be disabled the Thursday after the end of the quarter. At that time you will be able to log in to your class and view content and your grades, but you’ll be unable to view quiz/test results, submit assignments, or post to discussion forums. If there is any information you wish to retain you will need to download or copy this information before the end of the current quarter.  For more information please contact your instructor to confirm the date that your class will be disabled.