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Ordering Textbooks

To obtain your textbooks on line or in person:

you can go to the North Seattle Virtual Bookstore for more information or visit the bookstore on campus. The campus bookstore will have elearning texts and other materials. Please call the bookstore at (206) 527-3637 to confirm if your required text is in stock. Be prepared to supply them with the course item number and name for your class (ie. 9555 HUM 110). You may also be able to find your text online at one of the online book sellers. When purchasing books or instructional materials online it is important to confirm the shipping dates and to insure that you will receive your text books in a timely manner.

What do I do if my course requires access to an e-book?

If your course uses an e-book, registration for the course includes the fee for the book. After you have registered and paid your fees contact your instructor for password and login information on how to access this e-book online. Please note: by purchase of the e-book a student is granted the rights to one and only one copy, which can be read on-line, downloaded to one computer, captured on one CD, or printed onetime. The computer labs at NSC charge a fee for copies printed on the lab printers.  Please check with the lab supervisor for any restrictions or fees.

What type of course software does the class use?

Many of the North Seattle eLearning courses uses Canvas LMS: (Learning Management Systems) that facilitates your learning in the “Virtual” classroom.  Some courses may use Moodle which is an open source LMS similar to Canvas or instruct you to go to a publishers website that features additional resources.

In addition to Canvas some courses have additional course resources which are provided by text book publishers on their websites.  Your instructor will give you this information and is your best resource for accessing your specific account. These sites are password protected and require a special login and password purchased from the publisher or sent to you from the instructor.  To insure access to the materials it is important to purchase this Product Key unused in a previous quarter.  For technical help with these publisher sites the student should contact the publisher's "Help" function.  They will be able to assist you in gaining access to the site as well as helping you with other technical issues.  NeLSC may be able to provide some assistance to these sites but a student should first contact site support and their instructor.   These sites are not maintained by NeLSC and the tech support available on the specific website is the initial place to go to for help. 


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