Canvas Shell Requests

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Canvas Shell Requests

We are delighted to announce that eLearning will create Canvas classrooms automatically for every class. You do not need to request a single course Canvas shell.

You will still need to complete a form for combined courses and Master Shells.

  • If you have completed the Canvas training, all you will need to do is put in your content and publish your class.

We have several options to assist you in learning Canvas, including shorter training for those of you teaching face-to-face courses on campus and want to utilize Canvas for your students. Students are asking to have access to the syllabus, their grades and receive any class announcements on Canvas. Canvas can assist with retention by enhancing student interaction with easy ways to connect outside the campus classroom to collaborate, ask questions and support each other.

The Canvas Basic Training site is a great resource to get familiar with Canvas alongside a face to face meeting with eLearning to web-enhance your campus class.

Fill out this form, Canvas Basic Training to sign up for the online self-paced Basic Canvas training. A new course starts the first Monday of every month for a duration of three weeks. Prefer face to face training, need to meet after 4:30pm or on the weekend?  Please email and we can make it happen!

Contact elearning for the following conditions:

  • If you are added late as an instructor or an instructor change is made, the previous instructor will not be removed. Contact eLearning to have the instructor removed.
  • If you need to have a co-instructor, or an observer added


A Master shell serves as a permanent shell for your instructional materials. Students will never have access to this shell. You may have as many as you like, it is up to you.

Please contact Kathleen Chambers if you want to learn when using a Master Shell is helpful and when it might be more efficient to update your current Canvas course. Canvas courses never go away so you have access to previous editions.

You can request a Master shell on the Canvas Combined Course Shell request form.

Master Courses will appear on your course drop down list with an “X”, the word “Master”, the title and your name. (ex: XENG&101Composition Jones Master-online, hybrid or campus.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact 206-934-4000