Introduction to eLearning

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Introduction to eLearning

If you are reviewing this website, you have decided to investigate online learning as an alternative to a traditional classroom. But what does this really mean for you as a student?

At Seattle Colleges, eLearning means education that uses one or more of the technologies: 1) the internet 2) Canvas, our learning management system and 3) Publishers web sites.

North Seattle College eLearning encompasses all courses taught in online and hybrid formats, using Canvas, North Seattle College’s Learning Management System. Our online programming includes Associate Degrees, Online Bachelor Degrees, and Certificates.

Characteristics of eLearning Courses

What are the differences between online and hybrid and web enhanced classes?

  • Online courses are completed entirely online via Canvas, our learning management system. These courses will be designated on the class schedule with On-line in the Instruction Mode. Courses listed with days and times are required virtual meetings. 
  • Hybrid course instruction is part online and part on campus. The instruction meeting days on campus per week will vary depending on the course. Hybrid courses will usually meet one or two times a week and the rest of instruction is online via Canvas, our learning management system. These courses will be designated on the class schedule with Hybrid in the Instruction Mode.
  • In Person courses are taught entirely on campus.  The instructor will post information for you on Canvas such as review materials, the syllabus and grades.

Visit Starting your online class for more information. 
How Does eLearning Work?

In an online course, your instruction is delivered via Canvas, North Seattle College Learning Management System, rather than in a face-to-face classroom. Think of Canvas as a virtual classroom.

Strategies for success in online classes include logging into your course on the first day of class, dedicating time each day to completing your course assignments, having reliable technology and Internet connection. Read more about characteristics of successful online students.

Where can I get help with Canvas?

Canvas help is available online and on campus:

  • Canvas Support will be listing all information about using Canvas at North Seattle College.
  • Visit our eLearning office or contact us