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What is eLearning?
If you have never taken an elearning class before, you might want to start by checking out Is eLearning for You? This will help you understand what elearning is, and if it is a good choice for you.

To register for an eLearning class
You need to determine a class that fits into your educational plan. It is helpful for new students to meet with an academic advisor to map out a plan and select courses that will fulfill requirements.

Once a class has been selected, go to the North Seattle College web site Schedule page. You will be able to see what classes are offered and what the enrollment status of the course is. 

After you have decided on a class, below is information that may be of assistance.

1. Before registering
 Check the technical requirements of the class and make sure you will be able to meet them. These could include computer needs, class visits required or need for a media player. North has two computer labs available for registered students who have created a NetID. If your course has sound files and you use the computers on campus, you will need to supply your own headphones to allow you to listen to these files.  

It is also important if you are new to elearning that you familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of elearning. This includes information about courseware as well as computer tips and information about campus computers.

2. Financial Aid
If you require financial aid, you need to contact the campus financial aid office at or online at

3. Enrolling in a class
If you are a new student, you need to complete the Steps to Admission before you can register for the class.

If you are a current returning student, you can sign up for an elearning class using the online registration or in-person registration as you would for an on-campus class.

If you were a former student at North and have not taken a class recently, you may need to contact Registration to update your eligibility and reactivate your account. Registration staff  can be reached at (206) 934-3663. Then you can sign up for an elearning class using the online registration or in-person registration as with any other class.

4. After you register for your class, it is important to check the tuition payment deadline.
If you miss this deadline, you will lose your space in the class and may be unable to re-enroll.

If you are a nonresident distance learner and a U.S. citizen, you pay a special DL tuition. In order for this to take place, you will need to contact North registration by e-mail or by phone (206) 934-3664 before you pay for the class to tell the staff that you are a nonresident distance learner. They will need to manually change your status so that you will pay the correct tuition.

5. Late Registration
After the fourth day of the quarter and in the case of overloads, instructor permission is required to add all classes. It is assumed that DL students will not be registering in person and will need to get the instructor's signature in an e-mail. Students need to e-mail the instructor to request permission to enroll in the course. Make sure that your request includes your full name, SID, course and item number so that Registration has the information needed to enroll you.

If the instructor gives permission to enroll, a copy of the e-mail confirmation by the instructor can be e-mailed to NSC Registration or brought into the registration office. Once the confirmation is received by Registration, the student will be enrolled in the course.

Students can check their schedule online by going to or by contacting NSC Registration at (206) 934-3663 for more information and to confirm a place in the course.


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