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Test Proctoring

** Test/Exam proctoring at North Seattle College, please communicate with the course instructor and/or contact Testing Center. directly**

** Test/Exam proctoring not at North Seattle College (Off NSC Campus), please follow the instructions below.**

If a student is unable to come to campus for an exam, the student needs to contact the instructor early in the quarter to confirm that an exam can be proctored off campus. The eLearning Office is notified by either student or instructor that an exam will need to be proctored off campus.

1. The NeLSC sends student the Proctor Pre-approval Request form or it can be downloaded online in PDF format from the link above.

2. Student seeks out a proctor. The type of proctor must be pre-approved by your instructor. (Neighbors, friends,
family members, workplace supervisors, and ministers may not proctor the exam.)  The proctor selection is based on his/her availability, reliability and impartiality.  Then, the proposed proctor completes the proctor approval request and returns it along with a business card to the eLearning Office. Once the approval request is received at the NeLSC office, a copy of the form will be sent to the instructor.

3. Instructor completes her/his part of  a Certification of
Exam form. (The instructor will either approve or decline the proposed proctor.) If the proctor is approved, the student will need to contact the proctor and make an appointment to take the exam. The instructions from the instructor to the proctor on the Certification of Exam form will include what materials can or cannot be used. The instructions will also contain the secret details on how to access the exam if it is online.  In this way the proctor receives the URL, student login and password, and the proctor password. The proctor will utilize this information at the time of the exam. The student does not receive this form.

Instructor lets student know directly what materials can or cannot be used and what to expect at the time of the proctored exam (for example, that the proctor will have all access information so the student does not have to worry about this).

4. Student sits for the exam, proctor completes the Certification of Exam signs it and MAILS it to the instructor for her/his records. Exams can be electronic or hardcopy. Students need to provide envelop and postage if the exam needs to be mailed to the instructor.


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